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ATrack Online   Announcing the NEW ATrack 3.0!   Quick Shots

ATrack is a powerful online database that manages your ATEP student data. ATrack is your answer to scattered paperwork, missing test records and short memories. Now, in one secure and easy-to-use place, you can add, edit and review student proficiency scores, clinical experience hours, forms and documents and even your course matrix—all from your computer or browser-enabled device.

With ATrack, students have easy access to their clinical proficiency scores and notes on their performance so they can chart their progress through the program. They can also record all of their clinical experience hours so you and your clinical instructors can keep track of all aspects of their athletic training experience.

ATrack is extremely affordable. In fact it’s FREE for all your freshmen and NATA member students. And for a small annual fee, you and all of your faculty and staff have unlimited access to all of its benefits.

So don’t wait any longer. Now is a great time to sign up for ATrack!  

Fees for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

Updated and better than ever, ATrack’s new Version 3.0 makes tracking student hours, scores, and evaluations easy and secure. ATrack is now easier to use on your smart phone, iPad, or laptop. Enter and display your data quickly. Always stay on top of your or your students’ progress. And you’ll love the new, sleek look and the colorful design!

Plus, we’ve added…

  • A new notification system to alert you of upcoming or past deadlines;
  • Scheduled courses to help you connect and track student hours, scores, and evals by course;
  • Clinical assignments to keep track of preceptors, locations, activities and students;
  • Multiple matrices to keep track of undergraduate and graduate programs separately;
  • Multiple user levels so you can log in once and choose how you want to use ATrack, either as an administrator, preceptor, or in some other way;
  • Multiple campuses, so you can log in once and choose which campus you want to see;
  • PLUS a whole lot more!

Please contact us for a sneak peek or to learn more!

We are now accepting subscriptions for the 2016-2017 school year. Be sure to renew your campus subscription today!

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